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CombatK language services is one of the leading solution company making an huge impact in developing a precise content to global customers for products and services.

Why CombatK

  • CombatK guides you to effectively communicate your message in any language
    and consistently deliver high-quality, multilingual products and services.
    We provide multi-lingual services and solutions to help our clients sucessfully
    To communicate with the customer on thier native language.
  • We have been providing professional desktop typesetting and conversion services
    for more than 8 years, eliminating language barriers in business.
  • We always understand the nature of the industry, technology, and challenges
    to ensure high quality standards and success.

Our specalizations are:

Localization | Graphic Designing | Technical Publication | Content Management

Platforms and Solutions



We are providing a on-demand localization solutions to our global customers to localize thier products and services. This end to end services helps our customers to reach in the target speaking and for the target speaking.

Our various process in localization are:

Audio & Video Localization | Data Extraction For TM | Linguistic Editing & Proof-Reading | Multi-Lingual Desktop Publishing | OCR Conversion | Source Re-Creation | Subtitling | Translation | Voice-Over

Graphic Designing

Our challenging team have more creating skills in graphic designing. Our creative design will be impressive for our customers to learn your products qucik and easy.
Speak to us in which way we can deliver the design like:
Branding | Corporate Design | Logo Creation | Marketing Campaign Design | Print Design | Web Designing

Technical Publication

We at CombatK use to provide end-to-end technical document development for maintenance, operation manuals, product handbooks, as well as interactive electronic technical publications. With our significant services client can expect significant improvement in productivity, achieve content consistency, and effectiveness that helps to develop content clear and concise.
Our process includes: Technical Authoring & Formatting | Technical Writing | Vector Illustration

Content Managment

CombatK have a team of skilled compositors to take care of the content. Our team can make a print-ready materials with hight standard content quality. Also, we follow straict guidlines and specifications to ensure formatting consistency.
Some of the main specalizations are: Content Writing and Editing | Data Conversion and Validation | Manuscript Authoring and Typesetting | XML Conversion | e-Publishing




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